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Posted: 02/15/2018

We are currently seeking for an Operations Engineer at our facility in Ronkonkoma, NY. The responsibilities may include defining and analyzing problems, while also conducting and narrowing research to find solutions and make necessary decisions. Most of this engineer’s time is spent on researching, locating, applying, and transferring information. Operations Engineer position is a formulated plan of training, cleaning, work practices, and surveillance to maintain building in good condition while making sure of the wellbeing of its occupants. This position makes sure that the company’s operations are performed properly while meeting the organizational and management specifications. These engineers handle any repairs or upgrades to the machinery and coordinate with other department heads to fine-tune their operations systems.


  • Responsible for company owned conveyor system, solar panels, HVAC system and different kinds of machines and building mechanical systems.
  • Initiates development and troubleshooting for conveyor system by adapting new or existing techniques to meet company requirements.
  • Analyze HVAC systems and equipment when necessary to find inefficiencies or malfunctions and create solutions to optimize performance and increase the efficiency of operations through the means of BMS BACnet system.
  • Lead the engineering effort supporting maintenance team, renovation and repair projects for the existing facility.
  • Ability to learn and use facility management systems through programming to provide quick response and risk guarantee management.
  • Perform computer simulation of solar photovoltaic (PV) generation system performance or energy production to optimize efficiency. Monitoring solar I-V curve using graphical representation on daily basis.
  • Analyses new materials and equipment invoice to improve the current engineering practices for efficiency, while also optimizing cost management so that the overall cost stays under the budget.
  • Analyze and preparing all the company related all short term and long term maintenance strategies.
  • Performs all the preventive maintenance procedures on weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.
  • Analyzes company’s electrical usage in order to cope up the savings produced due to the usage of solar panels to track the payback time of the investment made on the solar installations, while also Conducting company’s annual energy audit to analyze the overall energy usage, so that the recommended improvements can be made to utilize the energy efficiently.


  • Good verbal, written and interpersonal skills to communicate with all the levels of employees
  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering/Production Engineering or Energy Management and Systems Engineering.
  • Ability to work in cross departmental atmosphere.
  • Knowledge in Microsoft office, and statistical programming software.
  • Excellent design/drafting skills in Solid works, AutoCAD 2010 or later
  • Conveyor design and implementation experience is very helpful, with backgrounds in PLC’s and electronics circuits
  • Excellent skills in HVAC, controls, Energy management, Vendor procurement
  • Must be able to meet tight deadlines with quality work.
  • 10 & 30 hours OSHA General Industry Safety and Health is a plus

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